Booming Neighbourhoods for First-Time Buyers

This quick & easy guide will pinpoint affordable housing in a city that is known for its exorbitant housing prices.

- For first-time buyers searching for affordable single family homes, Hastings Sunrise is an excellent neighbourhood due to its easy access to downtown Vancouver, its affordability and its surrounding amenities. 

- Many of the homes in Hastings Sunrise have potential suites which can double as rental income in helping you reduce your mortgage faster.

- This neighbourhood is home to lots of upcoming development. Homes in this area average around a little under $1M.

- For those searching for condos, the up-and-coming neighbourhoods are Mount Pleasant, Fraser Street & Chinatown. With Mount Pleasant being the Main Street renaissance, Fraser Street being the next Main Street and Chinatown being situated near the Olympic Village and the Seawall, these areas are considered to be a part of Vancouver's hot neighbourhoods.

- Prices in these three neighbourhoods average around $350K which will buy you a small one-bedroom in a newer building.

Do your research and consider the aforementioned booming neighbourhoods to see which area best meets all of your needs. For any questions on real estate, contact us today by email at or by phone at 604-618-7000!