Home Renovations: Heating Edition

One might ask, how is it possible to save money by making home renovations? Follow along and we'll show you how. 

Home Upgrade Rebates Through BC Hydro and FortisBC
There are a variety of incentives and rebate programs available for homeowners who would like to make energy efficient upgrades to their home. The home energy rebate top up contest gives homeowners a chance to win $2,500 towards your upgrades (or a $500 secondary prize). The clock is ticking as the December 12th application deadline is quickly approaching. For additional information on the contest and other available rebates, check out the Home Energy Rebate Top Up Contest.

High-Efficiency Heating System
Opt for systems with the energy-efficient stamp of approval by looking for the ENERGY STAR label. These products help you save energy (and money, in the long-run) while being environmentally responsible. An ENERGY STAR qualified heating system will help you significantly reduce your monthly utility costs. 

Insulation & Weather Stripping
Insulating your home will help keep your heating and cooling systems using the least energy possible. The installation process is typically more important than the material used. One of the most cost-effective ways to keep your home well insulated is to insulate your attic.

Quick Fix Tip: Insulator film is an inexpensive option for temporary use in the winter months. This thin, clear plastic film can be applied to windows as a way to reduce heat transfer. 

Weatherstripping is highly useful for blocking air leaks around doors and windows. They are rubber-esque strips that are designed to work under compression so it is recommended to search for products that are flexible and spring back to their original shape quickly. 

Pipe Insulation
Insulating your pipes and electric hot water tank will minimize heat loss and is a simple way to save energy (and money). Insulating your hot water pipes will help reduce heat loss, as well.

Stay tuned for more money saving tips in our next edition of Home Renovations.