Transition Period for HST

The Province has announced that it will reinstate the combined 12 per cent PST and GST tax system, a process it expects to take a minimum of 18 months. The Ministry of Finance has established an action plan to guide the transition to the PST. This includes:
  • a process to develop HST transition rules; and
  • a process to develop legislation and regulations to re-implement the PST.
The anticipated target date for the switchover is March 31, 2013. "During the transition period, the provincial portion of the HST will remain in place at seven per cent," explains Finance Minister Kevin Falcon. "The PST will be reinstated at seven per cent with all permanent PST exemptions and will not be applied to items such as restaurant meals, haircuts, bikes and gym memberships – just as it was before the HST was introduced in BC," says Minister Falcon.

Businesses collecting the PST will need to change their electronic and manual systems and processes to assess, collect, report and remit the PST and other related taxes to the provincial government.