Ways to Save $$$ with Location Decisions

In today's time and age, location is definitely key, especially in Metro Vancouver. Choosing where to live includes various factors and we'll shed light on some ways to save money by being environmentally conscious about your choice of location.

First off, situate yourself in "green" neighbourhoods. What we mean by that is, look at properties that are in close proximity to work, school, shopping, community centres and other services. In doing so, the commute to these areas take up less fuel and subsequently, are easier on your wallet and the environment.

Another suggestion is to situate yourself in a transit-oriented area. Nowadays, many neighbourhoods are being built with transit as their focus. There is a shift towards shared driving or utilizing Car2Go as there has been a reduction in car ownership in Vancouver.

Choosing a walkable neighbourhood will offer health, environmental , financial and community benefits. Take a look at WALKSCORE to calculate the walkability score of your neighbourhood.

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